Coaching For The Future

Mother and Daughter

Do you want to...

  • Communicate better with your children?

  • Feel a greater sense of connection with your child?

  • Have greater empathy and understanding?

  • Be of greater support to your children as they develop into adults?

  • Harness their independence?

  • Encourage their creativity and understanding of self?

  • Help them to grow in confidence and resilience?

  • Support them to make their own decisions?

  • Help them plan for obstacles and how they can overcome them?


Then this is the programme for you!

Come join us

We are running a free introductory workshop where we will guide you through how you can build trust, communicate effectively, feel connected, gain insight and understanding, and have greater compassion for your child and, perhaps more importantly, for yourself!

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Girls in the Library

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Coaching for the Future Programme

A practical based programme that will provide you with tools, techniques, strategies and methods to assist you to support your children to flourish and thrive.


You will grow in compassion and understanding for yourself so that you can offer this to your children. You will experience the support from other parents who are experiencing similar challenges, circumstances, thoughts and emotions.