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Coaching For The Future Programme
What do you get

Mother and Daughter

Programme + 1:1 coaching session

  • 4 x 1.5 hours programme delivered live remotely (group)

  • 1 - course workbook

  • 1 - hour reflective session (group)

  • 1 - hour one to one coaching (optional)

  • The certificate of completion

Introductory offer 290 euro

Value 610 euro


Marta, Mother of three

Undoubtedly reflecting before expressing a thought, freeing oneself from preconceptions and prejudices so as not to transfer false beliefs even if unconscious to young people. I also appreciated the tools provided, the ideas, the advice, the comparison with the experiences of the group and the GROW model, fantastic!

Paul, Father of two

I found the moments of reflection very useful, carried out both with the coach and in the group; I also found the tools proposed by the coach very useful for tackling the problems that emerged in an effective and not just a theoretical way.

Julia, Mother of one

The comparison and sharing with the group was very useful, which allowed me to give myself food for thought and made me understand that my problems are common to the others

Robertah, Mother of one

The different models proposed for reflection have been a valid tool for contextualizing what one perhaps knows but has never seen within a model. The notebook provided is an excellent basis for preparing for the meeting and reflecting afterwards.

Sylvia,  Aunt of five

I found it particularly useful to compare notes with fellow mothers on the proposals presented from time to time by the coach. Above all the room where the roles were to listen, measure exposure time and control.

Carla, Mother of two

Truly enlightening to know that there are "standardized" and "certified" (and therefore work) tools/methods that I can use in case of need.