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Corporate Wellbeing Coaching 

Programmes to create a culture for wellbeing

Build staff satisfaction, productivity, personal well-being, emotional intelligence and a clear sense of purpose in your workplace.


Companies that invest in their employee wellbeing have:

  • less absenteeism and associated costs

  • increased productivity

  • improved employee engagement

  • better work cultures

  • less Staff turnover


Research shows that for every Euro1 that a company invests in Corporate wellbeing the return is five times that.


Research also shows that organisations with engaged employees come out of restructuring faster and achieve more benefits for organisations in challenging times.


By investing in your team you are creating a competitive advantage but more importantly it demonstrates that you care for your employees wellbeing and they are important to you.

Our corporate coaching programmes seek to provide teams with the practical tools and techniques, to position your employees for success and provide an environment that encourages continuous learning and performance improvement.

We work with your team to ensure you are maximising your talent, leading by example, empowering, delegating, coaching and mentoring.



Step 1 – Client Needs Analysis

Discovery and analysis

Understanding the key areas for development through consultation with you, your team and organisation stakeholders.

Step 2 – Programme Design

Diagnosis and design

Addressing the specific areas for development and creating a bespoke programme to meet your requirements.


Step 3 - Implementation


Agree and execute planned measures for improvement including action-learning interventions.



Our programmes have inbuilt flexibility to allow for co-creation and refinement.

In our experience the most effective corporate wellbeing programme is one which is relevant and tailored to you.


Client needs analysis



Programme design





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