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Know Me, Be Me, Do Me

A  happier child, a happier family, a better world


Why Coaching A Youth

Because I want to …

  • Know myself better by creating a greater sense of understanding of me

  • Recognise what I am good at

  • Design my future in a non judgemental environment


How this programme will make a difference

  • Knowing what is important to me - what matters to me?

  • Recognising and utilising my strengths

  • Asking for positive and constructive feedback


What we offer

  • Four 30/45 minutes 1 to 1 sessions delivered live remotely 

  • Chemistry at the beginning and follow up session at the end

  • Supported to make my own decisions

  • Help to grow in confidence and resilience

  • Be creative and open to new ideas

  • Be ready for challenges

Coaching at the beach.png

Know Me Programme

Discovery call is free

Value € 490 

Introductory offer €249 

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