Meet the members of our team

Pentago Principals

Andrea Splendori

Career & Corporate Wellbeing Coach

Andrea specialises in Career & Life Coaching as well as Corporate Wellbeing

Elena Oriani

Personal & Executive Coach

Elena specializes in Life and Career coaching, she is experienced in most aspects of Human Resources

Fabio Garganego

Personal & Career Coach and Team Coach

Fabio specialises in Life, Career Coach and Corporate Wellbeing

Paolo Guazzotti

Business & Team Coach, Trainer and Change Consultant

Paolo specialises in Business & Team Coach, Trainer Manageriale e Change Consultant

Laura Maloney

Personal and Executive Coach, Corporate Wellbeing Coach

Laura specialises in Personal, Executive and Corporate Wellbeing Coaching.

Siobhan Gallagher

Personal Leadership Coaching and Holistic Coaching

Siobhán specialises in personal leadership coaching and holistic communication coaching/training.


The Pentago team comprise of individuals from the Coaching, Entrepreneurial and Big 4 accounting world. We have married our passion for engaging people with our business acumen to assist organisations to harness and develop their talent. We recognise the importance of the bottom line and the significant impact a creative, motivated and effective workforce can have in determining your organisational goals. We passionately believe in the benefits of coaching and corporate well-being programmes.