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Laura Maloney

Personal and Executive Coach, Corporate Wellbeing Coach

Laura specialises in Personal, Executive and Corporate Wellbeing coaching. Coming from a background as a Chartered Accountant, Laura has strong professionalism and corporate experience and has an established track record in the consulting and financial services industries. Laura is accredited EMCC Practitioner.

Certifications & Credentials
• EMCC Accredited Practitioner
• Advanced Diploma in Personal Business & Executive Coaching (EMCC & ICF accredited)
• Advanced Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching (EMCC
• Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing Coaching (EMCC accredited)·
• Fellow member of Chartered Accountants Ireland
• Qualified Trainer

Laura has spent 17 years in the corporate environment, including 11 years with the accounting and professional services network KPMG and four years with one of Ireland’s largest multinationals and FTSE 100 company, Smurfit Kappa. She has worked internationally, successfully delivering in management positions throughout her professional career.

Laura understands well the standards of professional excellence that are required and expected within the cut and thrust of the corporate environment. She also knows what it feels like to be pushed to the limits, having experienced the pressures and stresses of meeting needs and demands of others, not least those of her three young children.

Having experienced the power and transformative effect of coaching, Laura is passionate about helping others to challenge their beliefs and assumptions, build resilience, improve confidence and facilitate change so that her clients can flourish.

Laura is engaging, takes a thoughtful approach to her coaching and is curious about people. She is an active, intuitive listener who quickly develops strong, positive relationships.

Laura is particularly interested in supporting women to successfully and proactively manage their return to work following leave and through the parental transition.

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