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Paolo Guazzotti

Business & Team Coach, Trainer and Change Consultant

Paolo was born in Lecco in 1970, just enough time to open my eyes and take a quick look at the lake and he was already in Milan.
Paolo stayed here longer, so much so that he managed to graduate from Bocconi University with a degree in Business Economics - Organisation and Human Resources and start working for Deloitte Consulting, Change Leadership Division. He stayed there for six years and gained experience in potential assessment, managerial-behavioural training and HR development project management.
Paolo was promoted to manager, but he likes better the word "spin off" : for me it means movement. In fact, together with former colleagues, I founded a consulting boutique for organisational and personal development.
In his spare time, he works in the theatre as an author, director and actor, which is crucial for my profession because it increases his ability to listen, manage emotions and give and receive trust.
In 2008 he became a freelancer, adding coaching to his change consultancy and training: it reflects his need to help others "lay the foundations for other heights". The others are organisations of different sizes, complexities and sectors and individuals.
He does this by integrating his three elective areas: knowledge of organisational systems, derived from his consultancy work, the ability to give feedback, inherited from his many potential assessment projects, and the ability to relate, developed in over twenty years in the classroom. In recent years he has combined grammar with practice and he has been certified as a WABC© Business Coach, accredited as an EMCC Senior Practitioner and in Peter Hawkins' Basic Systemic Team Coaching programme.
He works with 3 assumptions in mind: every person is unique and unique is their journey, one's own continuous self-development is necessary to develop others, there is no one approach or model that stands alone.

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