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Effective Communication


Explore the elements that cultivate and encourage engagement through the provision of a safe space and collaboration with the entire team to result in clear, concise, consistent, timely communication.

Collaborating at Work




Strengthening bonds is vital for developing a collaborative team with a common purpose.

We will seek to establish a unified vision, working towards common goals in a cooperative way, using established communication and collaborative tools.

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Solution Focus

A key criteria to recovery and progress for organisations is to be solutions focused. Our workshop will dive into how you can best approach challenges and emerge better and stronger than ever.

Whatever we focus on grows. We offer an approach that will energise your organisation and move you in the direction of what you and your organisation most desire.

Fists in Solidarity



Lack of trust is a key dysfunction that prevents high team performance.

We share established tools and techniques to develop trust, through open and honest communication, leading by example, recognising competence and ability, following through on commitments, sharing knowledge and information.

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IQ gets you hired, but its your EQ that determines how well you do when you're there.

We demonstrate the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its impact on the workplace, how to develop and apply your EI and recognise it in those who work with you.

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Building Resilience

Now more than ever our resilience is being tested both on a personal & professional level. This programme has been specifically designed by our Corporate Wellbeing Coaches to encourage awareness of stress triggers and the impacts of them, encouraging attendees to recognise the four key areas of our lives in which we can build solid foundations for resilience.





Identifying strengths and weaknesses is the secret to unlocking the potential of every employee and every team. 

We will help your team to recognise their and others strengths to maximise team & employee potential.


Managing Conflict Positively


Diversity of experience and thought is a good thing. How we react when opinion or behaviour differs can affect the relationships we have with those around us and may lead to conflict.

Our program supports your team to deal with conflict positively for the benefit of all.


Striking the Balance

Working from home or remotely presents many challenges for organisations, teams and employees. Missed opportunities for collaboration and blurred boundaries between work and home.

We can help you to strike the balance. With practical tools, tips and techniques you can get what you need and make flexible working arrangements work for the whole team.

Talk to us today to find out how we can support your team

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