Coaching For The Future

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A  happier child, a happier family, a better world
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Programme price

Value €610 

Introductory offer €290 

10% of fee will be donated to


an Irish mental health charity that uses content, campaigns and events to facilitate young people to be effective guardians of their own mind - and to be the leaders that drive our society towards a better future.


Why Coaching For The Future

  • We want to be the best parents/guardians we can be

  • We want to raise loving, curious, creative, courageous adults

  • We want to have honest, empathic and respectful conversations​​​​​


How this programme will make a difference

​​By providing you with the coaching tools and techniques to:

  • support open communication within your family unit

  • help you to build your child’s self esteem

  • build awareness of your child’s beliefs/values/strengths​

  • deal with challenging behaviour

  • bridge the generational gap

  • manage heightened emotions


What we offer


  • Four 90 minute group sessions delivered live remotely

  • Course workbook and manual to support your learning and growth

  • 1 hour group reflective session post four sessions

  • 1 hour one-to-one coaching session with accredited coach (optional)

  • A certificate of completion