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Agents of change


Change is a way of life and it is accelerating. Coaching is a methodology that allows us to work with change on a personal level, organisational level and relationship level.  It has the catalytic power to transform your organisation.


At Pentago, we provide an effective methodology to work with change at personal and organisational levels. We provide your employees with a toolkit for helping them achieve professional and personal success.


We engage the hearts and minds of people who care about acquiring meaningful and effective skills they can immediately put to work.


Transformational change in ourselves or in our teams, organisations, and companies we lead is ultimately about relationships.


Through our coaching programs we help your team unlock their true potential and provide the platform for engaging positively through collaboration, co-operation and coalition, all vital components of a successful working relationships.


Organisational Coaching


In recent years employee engagement and culture change have emerged as core initiatives for organisations and coaching plays a critical role in that change.


In fact, employee engagement has been proven to be linked to performance, and so all the behaviours that underpin engagement – which are all coaching behaviours, such as collaborating, meaningful goal setting, delegating and accountability – have found their way into business language and more importantly, into behaviour too.


The good news is companies are starting to think of their people in terms of their potential rather than their performance.  In the corporate world where coaching was once only the exclusive perk of key executives and rising stars, it is now a standard component in the corporate tool kit to help, employees, managers, supervisors and executives in their personal development and their contribution to the organisations success.


Organisations have learned that highly motivated and fulfilled employees produce high performance results.  Coaching gives your team the tools, the skills, and the fundamentals needed to succeed. 

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